Should high school coaches be responsible for your college recruiting?

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It is a common mistake of high school athletes to assume their coach will do their recruiting for them.  As expected, most coaches are focused on the overall team and putting together a winning season, and not necessarily on the recruiting efforts of one or more players.  Although some coaches are active in recruiting and may have relationships with college coaches, many do not have the relationships to pick up the phone on your behalf.  And, they should not be expected as part of their job description to do your recruiting. At the end of the day, it’s your future and your responsibility to contact college coaches.  And, it’s not that hard if you have taken the time to pull together your recruiting information.

However, if you do have a coach willing and able to help you through the recruiting process, take the time to thank them and do what you can to allow them to help you by organizing and professionalizing your information into a sport resume that can be easily shared with college coaches.

You never know when a college coach is going to ask for your recruiting information to be emailed, so make sure you have a sport resume up to date and ready to go.  Your sport resume should include academic info, videos (fundamentals and live play), photos and contact information, and links to articles about you.   Keep in mind that coaches love to see videos that document the parts of your game that can be measured such as speed, strength, and velocity.  For example, if you provide a video of you running the 60 or 30 yard dash on a football field, the coach can easily clock you from watching your video.  You can also show video of throwing or exit velocity using a radar gun.  There is no shortage of videos that can be created with a little creativity.   Remember, live game highlights are just one component of the videos a coach will be interested in seeing.

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